Flag, Nationalism, And Respect


Anything that happens in the United States resonates across the world.  A very heated debate is currently ongoing involving the National Football League (NFL) and the comments made by the US President Donald J. Trump criticizing athletes from the league that he claims are disrespecting the flag. The athletes from different teams who are protesting the deaths of black people on the hands of the police knelt during the singing of the US national anthem before games. The POTUS did not respond too kindly to the kneeling gesture. He went as far as to say that those athletes should be fired by the team owners. The league and its athletes did not respond nicely to his criticisms. Other athletes from other sports jumped in on the discussion.

Being a self-proclaimed nationalist and patriot, it is easy to see why the off-the-cuff POTUS said what he said. And while this incident has brought out some negative emotions amongst many and even if people will continue to have different sides regarding the matter, the issue has brought up the seldom talked about subjects of respect for flag and the what nationalism means.

The national flag is more than just a piece of fabric stuck on top of a flagpole. It is also more than a representation of a country. It represents not only the country as a territory but of its people and their entire history. The flag represents the camaraderie and sacrifices, both in the form of sweat and blood, that led to the existence and persistence of the country. It represents both the past struggles and future aspirations of the people.

Nationalists are people who cherish the entirety of what the national flag represents. They see themselves as having the responsibility to protect what previous generations have struggled for. That is why when they see the flag being disrespected, they cannot help but feel hurt. To them, it is like having your loved one insulted and disrespected because that is how they feel for the country.


Flags For Festivals



Plenty of festivals this time of the year. The pleasant weather makes it perfect for communities to go out and have fun. A way to make festivals more festive is with the use of flags. Flags are very simple ornaments that does a great job at livening up the atmosphere. The way the flag moves with the wind is energizing. The combination of graceful waves and violent whips with white clouds and blue skies in the background is a very nice sight by itself. Flags are affordable and are very easy to install. It is one of the main reasons that makes them so appealing as outdoor decorations.

Flags For Festivals

Planning and setting up flags for festivals is relatively easy. There are companies out there that offer complete services from design to installation. Instead of event organizers having to hire people, the flag company is able to take care of everything. And because they know their products and processes best, one can be sure that flags are made to meet specific demands from budget to quality and that they are installed properly as to make sure attendants to the events are safe.


Another benefit to working with a flag company is that they offer more customization. One has the ability to decide on various aspects of design from size, shape, colors, embroidery, material, and even the way the flag is installed.

Budget-Friendly Advertising for Small Businesses



Budget-Friendly Advertising for Small Businesses

Small businesses must explore various forms of advertisements that does not overly rely on the budget to be successful. Advertising flags displayed on top of a flagpole are an example of budget-friendly advertising for small businesses.


Budget is the greatest obstacle when it comes to small business advertising. Small businesses are usually of that size because of limitations in capital. If a small business can afford to spend big for an ad campaign, the owner or manager should probably consider redirecting the funds to the expansion or improvement of operations. Advertisements for small businesses does not have to be very elaborate or expensive to be successful or effective.


Aside from the traditional advertising flags, banners and other promotional tools, there are new and non-conventional forms of advertising that will allow small businesses to create presence despite budget constraints.


A website is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools a small business can have. So many people have access and rely on internet for shopping and hiring services that a website is no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. There are many websites that have functionalities that makes them more than just advertising tools but a business front itself.
An e-mail list is another budget-friendly tool for advertising. The idea is to create a list made up of people who are interested in certain products. There are companies that provide these kinds of list for a fee. This allows small businesses to contact customers who have previously expressed interest in the type of product or services that the business is offering.

Installing A Flag




Flags are nice ornaments for homes, churches, gardens, and business establishments. There is something unique about flags as ornaments. No other decorations can give off the mood that is given off by a flag flying energetically in the air. It enlivens a boring scenery. It contrasts well with serene views.


Installing a flag is easy if you know what it takes to complete the project. You need to have all the materials and tools before you start with the project. You need a flagpole kit that contains the pole and all the other flag accessories like halyards and pulleys. The kit usually has all the information and instruction for its assembly.


The first step installing the flag building the foundation. You need to dig a hole with dimensions of instructed in the flag kit. The hole is normally about 50 centimeters wide and 90 centimeters deep. Taller flagpoles may require wider and deeper holes. A pipe is placed in the center of the hole. The pipe is where the flagpole will be inserted. Once the pipe is centered, cement is poured into the hole. The cement is allowed to set overnight.


While waiting for the cement to set, the flagpole is assembled following the instructions from the flag company. The flag and other accessories like pulleys and halyard are installed. Some other accessories like a ball are installed on the top end of the flagpole.
Once the cement has dried, the pole can be inserted into the pipe. This keeps the flagpole in place. The entire project is very straightforward but requires some effort.

Small Businesses and Advertising





An effective advertising campaign can help businesses to remain competitive or get ahead with the competition. But with small businesses, the limited budget that can be spent on advertising makes designing a campaign much more challenging. A small business used to be identified through the value of assets, sales, profits and servicing capability. This meant that advertising of small businesses was targeted towards the local market. A flag flown on top of a flagpole was an effective and sufficient method of gaining attention from the local consumers. The banners and other flag accessories are cost-effective advertising tools. So are flyers, brochures and direct males sent to local residents.

But with the advent of internet, the servicing capability of small business was no longer limited to local markets. A business worth only a few thousand dollars can have the ability to sell products all over the world through online stores and more accessible international shipping. Someone can start a retailing business without needing an office, store or a warehouse. There are even people that sell products they have never touched or seen in real life.

Internet advertising allows small business to reach a wider audience and the cost is much lower compared to using mainstream media like television and radio. A savvy marketer can create viral videos or contents that can spread like a wildfire among internet users.

It used to be that the size of the business dictated the type of advertising used. But with the obliquity of the internet, what is  happening is the other way around. The ability to reach a wider audience for minimal cause are making small business entrepreneurs reconsider their business plans.

Installing A Flagpole: Setting Up The Foundation



PIC_installation-7The idea of installing a flagpole may seem like a simple project but it requires technical skills, tools, and plenty of effort. Improper installation can lead to injuries and damage to nearby properties. Before the actual installation process commences, the measurements and system used for the flagpole must have already been decided based on purpose of the flag. The location for the installation must be prepared by removing objects that can interfere or get damaged while working. It must be ascertained that the spot in which the cement foundations will be placed in are free of cables and pipes. Anyone not involved with the installation must be at a significant distance from the project. Only then will the installation can begin.

The first step to installing flagpoles is the setting up of the foundation. The foundation prevents the flagpole from getting felled by powerful winds. How deep and wide the foundation depends on the length of the flagpole and the size of the flag. The companies that sell you the flagpole and all the other flag accessories should be able to provide you with this information.

A hole must be dug based on the information provided by the flag company. A PVC or metal pipe with the same inner diameter as the outer diameter of the flagpole is placed at the center of the hole. A small amount of cement is poured onto the hole to hold the pipe in position. The pipe is then leveled using a leveler tool. Once the pipe is leveled and centered, the rest of the hole can be completely filled with cement. In some cases, a cardboard pipe with a larger dimension than the pipe for the pole is placed on top of soft concrete and filled with more cement to create a pedestal for the flagpole. The entire setup is then allowed to cure overnight and after that, it is ready for the flagpole.

Affordable Advertising Using Flags



affordable advertising flags.jpg

Advertising and marketing through mainstream media can be too pricey and its ability to get to bigger audience offers little benefit for little businesses that run locally. When it comes to economical advertising, the finest choices are the conventional forms of marketing.

Advertising flags are one of the most effective when it comes to affordable marketing. They are economical as well as being very straightforward. Advertising flags come in various forms. In locations with plenty of open area, flags could be flown on top of flagpoles to capture the attention of nearby individuals. In cities, banners can be installed on wall of buildings or across small alleys.

A business could carry out an ad campaign centered around flags with minimal expense and effort. It all starts with coming up with a flag design. This is relatively easy, particularly if the business currently has a logo design. The next course of action would be to discover the suitable areas where to set up the flags. The third step is to get the essential permits from authorities for the installation of flags. The installation can then proceed. The process is made less complicated by businesses that provide services from the design and production to the installation of flags.

Aside from affordability, another great thing about advertising using flags is that they require little to no maintenance. Once the flags have been installed, the business can just leave it there, taking it down or replacing it when needed.

Local Businesses And Grabbing Attention



The best products and services are not always going to sell themselves. They have to be properly marketed towards the target market. The aim of advertising is to influence the purchasing decision of the target audience. In order to accomplish this, it must first be able to capture the attention of the people.


There are lots of approaches of marketing with different cost and amount of audience that can be reached. A large company that distributes products across the nation can benefit from a nationwide advertising campaign. Small businesses that have limited selling or serving capability has very little benefit from expensive large-scale campaigns.

Small businesses like retailers and service shops can benefit the most from attention-grabbing advertising. The idea is to catch the attention of potential consumers and encourage them to visit the store.

A captivating advertising and marketing serves similar objective to guide signs. Flags are some of the most widely used tools for this kind of advertising and marketing. They are affordable and requires little maintenance which is very suitable for small businesses. A different type of flag called a pennant has a tapered form and is flown to indicate that an important occasion is taking place. It can inform people that about sales and other promotional events. Other types of attention-grabbing advertising are banners that are made to appeal to certain demographics.

Caring For Flags



proper flag use

There are many kinds of flags from miniature flags you see on top of tables inside offices to flags flown on very tall record-setting flagpoles. If you want your flag to last, you will need to properly take care of it. In order to properly do this, you must need to know the things that can damage the flag and shorten its life.

Tree branches. Avoid installing flags in locations where it can snag onto tree branches and other objects. These can cause the flag to tear. If you are planning on installing a flag in place with limited space, a banner is much better option. The flag is attached to a banner bar or two that prevents it from flying all around. The banner can be installed on walls of buildings or on facades of stores.

Rain and moisture. There are many ways in which water can damage a flag. Acid rain can weaken the fibers of the fabric. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the color to run. It wet flag stored indoors also attracts insects that can eat the fabric. If possible, take the flag inside during rains. Let it properly dry and do not store when wet.

Strong winds. The force of strong winds can be very harsh on the fibers. Unlike rain, it is impossible to tell when there will be strong winds. And taking down the flag every time there is a strong wind is just too much trouble. The only way to minimize the damage of strong winds to a flag is by using smaller-sized flags. This lessens the amount of wind that catches the fabric and minimize the force.

Disrespecting The Flag


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The current condition of the global economy and conflicts in different regions of the earth is creating a sense of unrest amongst citizens of various countries. The uneasiness is forcing many to go out into the streets to voice their opinions and fight against what they deem to be injustices in the society. A common practice in these protests is burn or destroy nationwide flags.

Protester burns a U.S. flag during a demonstration over the capture of senior al Qaeda figure al-Liby by U.S. authorities, in Benghazi

The flags that are thought to be the representation of the government. The act of burning flags is supposed to get the attention and offend the individuals in power who are assumed to be the root of the injustices. There is one significant problem with this method.

The flag flying on top of the flagpole stands for the individuals that shed blood and sweat, working to build the country that protestors claim to be fighting for. Burning the flags do nothing to the despised government and establishments. It only stumps on the effort and also sacrifice of the people of the previous generation.

If you are among those individuals that strive towards the betterment of your life, then flag of your nation also represents you.

Burning flags means absolutely nothing. The act in itself is only a waste of a good textile while disrespecting the diligent and honest citizens of today and also from the past. Bring down the system if you must but spare the flag.