The best products and services are not always going to sell themselves. They have to be properly marketed towards the target market. The aim of advertising is to influence the purchasing decision of the target audience. In order to accomplish this, it must first be able to capture the attention of the people.


There are lots of approaches of marketing with different cost and amount of audience that can be reached. A large company that distributes products across the nation can benefit from a nationwide advertising campaign. Small businesses that have limited selling or serving capability has very little benefit from expensive large-scale campaigns.

Small businesses like retailers and service shops can benefit the most from attention-grabbing advertising. The idea is to catch the attention of potential consumers and encourage them to visit the store.

A captivating advertising and marketing serves similar objective to guide signs. Flags are some of the most widely used tools for this kind of advertising and marketing. They are affordable and requires little maintenance which is very suitable for small businesses. A different type of flag called a pennant has a tapered form and is flown to indicate that an important occasion is taking place. It can inform people that about sales and other promotional events. Other types of attention-grabbing advertising are banners that are made to appeal to certain demographics.