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The current condition of the global economy and conflicts in different regions of the earth is creating a sense of unrest amongst citizens of various countries. The uneasiness is forcing many to go out into the streets to voice their opinions and fight against what they deem to be injustices in the society. A common practice in these protests is burn or destroy nationwide flags.

Protester burns a U.S. flag during a demonstration over the capture of senior al Qaeda figure al-Liby by U.S. authorities, in Benghazi

The flags that are thought to be the representation of the government. The act of burning flags is supposed to get the attention and offend the individuals in power who are assumed to be the root of the injustices. There is one significant problem with this method.

The flag flying on top of the flagpole stands for the individuals that shed blood and sweat, working to build the country that protestors claim to be fighting for. Burning the flags do nothing to the despised government and establishments. It only stumps on the effort and also sacrifice of the people of the previous generation.

If you are among those individuals that strive towards the betterment of your life, then flag of your nation also represents you.

Burning flags means absolutely nothing. The act in itself is only a waste of a good textile while disrespecting the diligent and honest citizens of today and also from the past. Bring down the system if you must but spare the flag.