Strömblads-flaggstänger-flagga-1Summer season is party season. The fine weather makes for exciting outdoor activities. Music festivals, beach parties and tons of other fun events are in plenty. It is truly the season for anyone who wants to party. Flags are part of these festivities. These seemingly simple ornaments make the atmosphere of events festive. The energy of the flags dancing in the wind is contagious. No outdoor event is complete without these staple ornaments.

Selecting a flag for an upcoming summer event is not as straightforward as it may seem. There several factors to consider. The size, material, design and flag accessories require careful decision-making.

Strong winds are damaging to flags. The larger the size of the flag, the more likely it is to sustain damage due to the larger surface area catching the wind. Aside from the flag fabric sustaining damage, you will also need a much stronger pole. The last thing you want in your beach party is people getting hit by a flagpole. In a beach even where winds are quite strong, it is best to opt for smaller-sized flags. An alternative is a triangle-shaped flag which has significantly smaller surface compared to rectangle flags.

Some options for fabric of the flag are cotton, nylon and polyester. Among the three, nylon is one of the most durable. However, it does not hold color as well as cotton or polyester. Aside from the fabric material, the weaving pattern must also be considered. Open weaving patterns allows air to easily pass through which reduces the stress on the fabric.

Flag accessories such as halyards and poles must be made of a durable material to avoid problems.