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A flag symbolizes the many ideals that serve as foundations of country or any other group. It should be respected and well taken care of. When storing a flag, make sure that it is protected from factors that may damage it. Here are several tips to follow when storing a flag.
Store in place with stable temperature and low humidity. Humidity damage is a common problem in storing items such as flags. To avoid having your flag ruined, do not store in a location where temperature can fluctuate and cause condensation.

The best place to store a flag is in a temperature-controlled room. A self-storage unit with air conditioning and humidity control is another great idea.

Store in a place without light. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and ambient lights can cause the color of your flag to fade and can also weaken the fabric fibers of the flag.

Protect from dust. Make sure that your flag is clean before storing it. Mildly vacuum it to remove the dust and cover it with an acid-free paper to protect it from dust while being stored. If your flag has a stain you can’t remove, find a textile conservation expert to do the cleaning for you.

Do not fold if storing for a long time. It is highly recommended that a flag is stored flat. Prolonged storage while folded can result to your flag having a permanent crease. If possible, use a flat table for storage. If you have a problem with space, you can use any round tube with a diameter of three to five inches and roll the flag around it.